Our culture

Our mission revolves around providing consumers with products that provide care of the home and care of the person. It's found in the performance of our products, it's embodied in the work ethic of our people and it guides our every action in the workplace.



Customer Focus

Every product we manufacture and every decision we make is guided by our quest to meet the needs of our customers and exceed their expectations.


We are always looking for new and better ways to improve performance of our products and our company. As a result, we're developing new products work harder, last longer and cost less…and finding new opportunities to improve quality, reduce costs and create value in our facilities.


We live in a diverse world, we value the richness that diversity brings to our lives and we are committed to providing equal opportunities to all for employment and advancement. As a company and as individuals, we foster a work environment that promotes teamwork and cooperation among all our people.


Safety will always be our highest priority. That means providing the safest possible products to our customers, and the best equipment and training to our employees.
Customer Focus Innovation Diversity Safety